New FINISH STRONG® Jewelry Collection



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Anne Dale Jeweller
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Mandeville, LA,
February 4, 2010

Inspired a City, a Team and a Jewelry Designer

New Orleans, LA – Feburary 4, 2010 – Anne Dale Jeweller, LLC has teamed up with FINISH STRONG, LLC to design, manufacture and distribute an official FINISH STRONG® jewelry collection.

“This is a very exciting partnership with a powerful message that will be the center piece of the designs,” said Mandeville jeweler Anne Dale. “Thanks to the cause-related collection of jewelry that has been created in recent years, we have developed the capability of exceptional detail and artistry. I am confident that we provide an assortment of jewelry unlike any seen before. The `FINISH STRONG’ mentality has energized all of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region. My vision with jewelry design is that it should serve as a conduit to inspire others-that `Finish Strong’ can do the same for you.”

“`Finish Strong’ captures the hope and determination of people in a big way,” said Dan Green, the founder of Finish Strong LLC and executive vice-president of Simple Truths. “It has become a new battle cry that inspires tens of thousands; two words that express the vigorous efforts and boundless courage which inspire an entire city – to FINISH STRONG!”

Green is a former salesman, sales leader, sales trainer, patented inventor, race car driver, author, husband and father.  The finish-strong attitude has been a driving force in his life and a key catalyst for helping him to achieve his goals in business, sports and life, he said.

Green said that he believes that others could benefit from the same attitude.  He received trademark rights to the words “Finish Strong” in 1996 and since that time, he has had the mission of spreading the message of finishing strong to people across the globe.

The `FINISH STRONG’ Collection will offer several styles that incorporate a Fleur de Lis, and which also express New Orleans celebration of recent triumphs in overcoming past struggles. Fans of the Anne Dale Collections can expect inspired works that focus on the human spirit and the instinctive nature to expect more and “Finish Strong,” Dale said.

The Anne Dale Collection of original jewelry contains designs that have helped to raise money, awareness and the spirits of people in need. Pieces include The Self-esteem pendant™, the military Star of Hope Collection™, the Love New Orleans Collection, the Facing Autism Collection™ and the Rising Star.  They are available nationwide through a network of charity partners and retail stores and jewelers.

Through the sales of her jewelry collection, The Anne Dale Jeweler for a Cause Fund has raised and distributed money for many causes that include hurricane recovery, birth defects, self-esteem, soldiers, and cancer prevention.

* Finish Strong is a registered trademark and is used under license.