A New State Gemstone for Louisiana

For those who feel that the agate gemstone doesn’t properly represent the dynamic coastal culture of Louisiana, you may get your wish. To be voted on in June, Louisiana may get a new state gemstone: LaPearlite. If you haven’t heard of this gemstone, don’t be surprised, as it’s a new stone that was just discovered by gemologist Anne Dale.

Anne Dale and her husband, a jewelry craftsman, have been working on this gemstone to make it a commercial beauty. Together, they cut and polished the stone and found a new technique that could be derived from it. This new gemstone material comes from the shell of the American Oyster, which is abundant off the coast of Louisiana.

In fact, the American Oyster is the most important consumer mollusk in the US and it may be the key to bringing back consumer popularity in the oyster industry since the 2010 BP Oil Spill. Anne Dale confirms that the LaPearlite is the most beautiful stone she’s seen, and the way it takes in the light is spectacular. She feels that this very stone is a true representation of the diversity that exists off the Gulf Coast.

Currently, the Pearlite exists in a stunning ring and reflects the ambiance of the coastal sun. In an effort to bring back the oyster industry that took a hit last year, a vote in the Louisiana House may change the gemstone of Louisiana from agate to LaPearlite. Some fear that this stone is too commercial, while others feel it will be the perfect representation of a coastal culture rich in oysters and other sea creatures.

Source: Visit Louisiana

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