An engraver has long been a craft associated with fine jewelry, behind the many scenes of Anne Dale Jeweler is my incredible and talented husband, Mike Dale. He is the Master Jeweler responsible for many of our one-of-a-kind creations. Over thirty years his unique and rare skill as a goldsmith and diamond setter reflects the rich history of his New Orleans family. A family of master artist and New Orleans engraver.

In the early 1900’s, Arthur C. Dale (Michael’s grandfather) a photo-engraver was the shop foreman for the New Orleans Engraving and Photo-etching Company. French artist and master engraver Francois Bildstein (1855-1935) (Michael’s great-great-uncle) began training Arthur as an apprentice at the young age of sixteen in 1899.

Bildstein is credited for his art work and engravings in “The Mascot” a historical New Orleans publication from 1882 to 1897.

Bilstein2Bildstein’s images documented post civil war New Orleans, today his photo-engravings are part of The New Orleans Historical Collection one engraving is considered to be the first image of a jazz band while another depicts the largest mass lynching in United States history after the killing of New Orleans Police Chief Hennessy.

Local artist, photographer and history buff Sally Asher has done a series of lectures on “The Mascot” and Francois Bildstein’s engravings as she prepares to write a book on the subject. She presented Michael with an original framed silk screen of a Francois Bildstein drawing from the 1800’s of a young lady on a bike riding down Saint Charles Avenue.

Second LineThe “Second” Line Starts Here introducing a new collection containing all the excitement and creativity of Anne Dale’s in-store jewelry designs but with a mobile New Orleans flare. Exclusive designs coming to an event near you, priced to please while crafted in sterling silver and the new 316L stainless steel.

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