Top 8 Tricks to Keep Your Engagement Ring Clean

Ever since you answered the proposal with a resounding yes, you likely haven’t wanted to take off your engagement ring. Of course not – it is a status symbol and it affirms the love of your fiance. After wearing it every day, however, you may notice that the ring no longer bears the same sparkle.

You shouldn’t worry, since you can easily restore the gleam to that rock on your finger. Here are some tips from a GIA-certified gemologist to help your engagement ring clean and stay beautiful.


Tip #1: Remove Your Ring When Working with Your Hands

You probably don’t realize how much you use your hands until you are wearing a dearly loved piece of jewelry on a daily basis. We recommend taking off your engagement ring whenever you are working the garden, using tools, exercising at the gym, moving heavy objects, swimming, or anything else that involves dirty work to keep ring clean.


Tip #2: Avoid Letting Lotions Touch Your Ring Clean

You will want to leave your engagement ring out of your skincare routine, as lotions can make the stone and the setting appear filmy over time. It would be best to take off your engagement ring while applying makeup, too, because you take the chance of gathering powder and dust on your jewelry.


Tip #3: Stay Away from Harsh Chemicals

It is always important to remove your engagement ring when you are doing housework or otherwise dealing with any harsh chemicals. Cleaning supplies like dish soap and bleach contain caustic substances that can damage the metals used for your ring’s finish – not to mention, ruin any colored gemstones.

Tip #4: Schedule Regular Cleanings with Your Jeweler

To make sure that your engagement ring always looks tidy, we recommend visiting your jeweler for a thorough cleaning every six months. Just like a dentist does for your teeth, these professionals use special cleaners and industrial tools on the diamond to restore its sparkle. Even if they can’t provide the service, they can suggest a good solution to purchase.

Tip #5: Never Cook While Wearing Your Ring

This might seem like a strange idea, but it’s a highly practical one. Cooking utensils are typically made from metal, so you run the risk of scratching the stone or hurting the ring itself. Cooking oils and pan juices might also prove destructive for the diamond’s beauty. Plus, food particles can collect in the prongs on your engagement ring – and you do not want to spend time picking them out. That being said, you should take off your jewelry before making daily meals.

Tip #6: Do Not Touch the Center Stone

You may not have considered this piece of advice, since the stone in your engagement ring looks so gorgeous. However, it is important to refrain from touching the diamond at all times. Diamonds naturally attract dust, dirt, and body oils, which can make your ring appear dingy. To take off and put on the ring, we suggest grasping the sides of the band instead.


Tip #7: Polish Your Ring Every Week

You wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to give yourself some tender loving care every week, so your engagement ring should not be any different. You may consider using Anne Dale’s professional jewelry cleaner and take a few minutes on a particular day to soak your ring, scrub gently with a toothbrush then rinse in warm water. Afterwards, run the ring under warm water for a few seconds.


Tip #8: Never Sleep in Your Ring

We understand that you want to make everyone jealous with your engagement ring, but no one will see it while you’re sleeping. With that in mind, you would be advised to take off your ring before you slide back the covers at night. Your skin can shed all kinds of oils and dirt during sleep, wreaking havoc on the stone in your engagement ring. So it would be best to place your ring in a dish on your nightstand.

You won’t always remember to take off your engagement ring before performing certain activities, but we still hope that these tips might give you some subtle reminders about protecting the beauty of the stone and the setting. No matter how much wear and tear it goes through, rest assured – your engagement ring can get back its sparkle with a little work. When you need an appointment to have your ring cleaned, either visit Anne Dale Jewelers at 829 Asbury Drive in Mandeville or call (985) 626-4266.

Before Buying an Engagement Ring

Planning to propose can be a daunting task buying an engagement ring. Between settling on the details of the proposal and conquering your nerves, you need to select the perfect ring for the occasion. We have compiled a list of the questions which you must ask yourself and your jeweler when purchasing an engagement ring.

Before Buying an Engagement Ring

How much money can I afford to spend?

You will want to begin with an assessment of your bank account, then determine the ideal ring that fits your price range. Also think about the personal significance which this piece of jewelry will hold for your betrothed and future generations. Communicate your budget to a jeweler immediately, so they can help you choose a stylish and high-quality ring with your financial preferences in mind.

What shape would she like?

Your significant other will most likely have a distinct style, from her wardrobe to her values. This aspect should ultimately influence the shape of the engagement ring you buy for her. To gather some clues, notice the clothes that she wears on a daily basis. Take some notes, and make sure you bring them to the appointment with your jeweler. They will be able to recommend a particular shape based on this information.

Which metal would work best for her?

Choosing the most appropriate metal for your engagement ring will involve another glance into your significant other’s closet. Specifically, you will want to focus on the colors that she wears most often – and the jewelry she already owns. Again, once you tell the jeweler what you have observed, they can help you pick the right metal. Another note: if your significant other has sensitive skin, you should also let the jeweler know.

When Shopping for an Engagement Ring

What are the four C’s of this diamond?

After your first meeting with the jeweler, they will prepare a selection of the diamonds that fit your established specifications. You will want to ask about the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight of each stone, so that you can get the highest possible quality for your engagement ring. The jeweler should be able to walk you through the aspects of each diamond and help you make the correct choice.

May I see the grading report on this stone?

You will also want to inquire about the grading report on each stone that the jeweler has chosen. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) appraises every diamond for some important characteristics, including the four C’s, any treatments on the stone, and light performance. The jeweler should readily present this document to you, and then explain each part for the particular stone in question.

What are my payment options?

Purchasing an engagement ring will be a large investment, so you will certainly wonder about paying for it. Each jeweler approaches this situation from a different perspective, and they all have different rules. While some jewelers will request an upfront deposit, others will provide payment plans or special discounts. Ask your jeweler which fits their clientele better.

General Questions

What kind of maintenance do I need to perform, and how often?

When you have decided on the engagement ring that you’ll purchase, your attention should turn towards preserving this crucial asset. Talk with your jeweler about the steps which are required to keep your diamond in sparkling condition and maintain the beauty of the setting. They will let you know their personal tips, or even offer in-store services for this important step.

Will you be able to repair the ring, if needed?

Over time, your engagement ring will get damaged from wearing it every day. No matter whether the stone is misplaced or scratched, a jeweler should have the skills to fix the ring without any hassle. Before you buy the ring, ask the jeweler if they will repair your piece in the store.

What types of warranty can I get?

It is important to know exactly which repairs will be covered by the jewelers’ warranty on your engagement ring. These typically include lost stones, broken prongs, or polishing services. You should have a discussion with your jeweler about the warranty which they provide on engagement rings – and more specifically, your distinct piece of jewelry.

Modifying the ring later, and how easy is it?

Your engagement ring might initially look like a dream, but you may want something better within a few years. Some couples choose to add stones during their marriage, change the size of the ring, or engrave something special in the band. Regardless of your intentions, you will want to know the modifications which the jeweler can make on the unique ring you have chosen. Also ask the jeweler about the costs to implement these modifications.

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Valentine’s Day

Most people associate Valentine’s Day with images of heart-shaped candy, flowers, and other romantic symbols.

But the origins of this holiday are not as rosy as their modern interpretations would let on.

Instead, they are deeply shrouded in historical legends that involve curious rituals about  February 14 commemoration bears.

The ancient Roman calendar included a holiday to encourage the health and fertility of the city’s people. A date that men and women selected their potential mates’ names from a jar, around the fifth century, the current pope outlawed this ritual in favor of honoring Saint Valentine.

Some mystery surrounds the exact identity of the Saint who deserves the credit for bringing lovers together, though. Historians recorded three different narratives about a man named Valentine being martyred on the same day, February 14.

The most popular tale depicts Saint Valentine as a Roman priest who married young soldiers against the emperor’s wishes, and he was executed for his crimes. As a result,

Valentine became regarded as the patron saint of romantic love.

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