Mandeville Jewelry Appraisers Anne Dale was a guest speaker at the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers 2016 conference in New Port Beach California. She presented a peek into the future of evaluating fine jewelry  and the impact technology has on market value.

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Jewelry Appraiser

July 26, 2004

Anne Dale, FGA, Director Gem-A USA
Michael Cohn, Director of the Jewelry Dept., Fashion Institute of Technology

The famed FGA program comes to America from England with its headquarters in Louisiana and an Allied Teaching Center right here in New York City at FIT. Participants in this meeting learned more about the Gem-A program and how it is such a dramatically different gemology program. The course book was available for perusal with Ms. Dale and Mr. Cohn as they answered many questions. A small selection of Gem-A products were presented for an intimate hands-on. Our speakers donated to our scholarship fund auction an OPL hand held spectroscope and several ink pens from Harrod’s.

Source: NAJA 2004