Mandeville Jewelry Designer

Mandeville jewelry designer

GIA Gemologist & Master Craftsman

Anne Dale a Mandeville jewelry designer with her husband Michael (master goldsmith) at her side has charmed the jewelry industry with a southern style for 40 years. Technically trained with a vast knowledge and intense passion for the truly beautiful things in life

Many of the Dale’s designs are inspired by their New Orleans family’s French heritage, father’s Sicilian roots and mother’s hometown New York City.

Anne is a Graduate Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America. As a Professional Gemologist of the Columbia School of Gemology and the former Executive Director of The Gemological Association of Great Britain-America.

Promoting gemological education she is a frequent speaker at jewelry trade shows on diamonds.

Anne has implemented diamond and gemology courses in private schools, colleges and universities throughout the United States. As a fine jewelry appraiser, she is a federal expert witness for the Internal Revenue Service.

In addition she is a consultant for jewelry designers and buyers within the jewelry trade. Anne’s quest for the most exquisite jewelry has her traveling across the United States, Europe and the Far East. An ambassador of diamonds for New Orleans and all of Louisiana.

Anne Dale always leaves a lasting impression of herself and the unique culture of her hometown – Mandeville, Louisiana.

Anne Dale developed a process to make the common Louisiana oyster shell into a gemstone – LaPearlite®. In August 2011 Dale’s discovery became the new Official Louisiana State Gemstone.

Experience That Matters

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Our Philosophy

The Spiritual Journey of Jewelry

Once presented each piece of jewelry begins it’s story.

A story of love, commitment, joy and in some cases sorrow (inherit items) the sentiments that bind us. This our Big Adventure (life) is a complex collection of moments and memories, there is no better way to memorialize these special events than with fine jewelry.

In the final analysis it is Love that fuels our time on this earth. Our Love of parents, siblings, marriage and children. We are blessed by the people, events and time we share with those we love.

Nothing more precious, Love is more than Emotion… Love is Action, Love is a Choice… Love is a Spiritual Connection that allows us to discover meaning and purpose in our lives.

We are but conduits that craft fine jewelry with human hands in an attempt to manifest a physical representation of human Love. We are passionate about our creations especial those that rise to the level of a Sacramental. It is with great humility and purpose when we are asked to bring a story of love to life.

Let’s celebrate life, love and memories while cherishing the beauty of all God’s creation.

Our desire is to help you fulfill your vision whether for yourself or that special person in your life. Let us create something beautiful and timeless together.