Why It’s Better To Purchase From An Independent Jeweler

You’ve seen the commercials from large mall jewelry store chains. By now you know “every kiss begins” with a certain letter that follows J in the alphabet. And we all have heard way to often where “he went” to purchase her ring, but these huge operations in-spite of their romanic slick ads when it comes romance are all boring cookie cutter jewelers.

More recently pop-up jewelers on internet platforms. These “virtual jewelers” that are hidden in anonymity of the world wide web. Like an AirBnB or Uber anyone that has some computer knowledge can sign up and join these software platforms and be in business in hours. Internet merchants can run the spectrum form reputable dealers, pawn shops to a host of faceless characters.

Anne Dale Jewelers does not run large advertising campaigns like the chain brands do, nor the do we have the computer savvy to win every fine jewelry google search but the competition don’t hold a candle to the benefits independent jewelers like Anne Dale offers.

Quality Control

At independents like Anne Dale Jewelers, the jewelry and quality of the piece you design and/or purchase will be unique. A person shopping for an engagement ring at a chain store and on-line will experience rings that are mass produced where hundreds or even thousands of others have been purchased.

French Set Diamonds

From the choice of precious metal to the of setting the diamonds, you can choose while we control the quality of the piece from its inception to glorious finished product, crafting truly a one of a kind ring. As importantly, the independent jeweler is far more passionate and knowledgeable about their jewelry design, diamonds and gemstones  than someone working in a chain or collecting website orders – quality expert advice with no tricks, quotas or algorithms involved.

Value Pricing Means High Quality at Anne Dale Jewelers

If you were to purchase from a chain jewelry store, no matter how reputable, you are going to pay more for a diamond of the same grade. As an independent jeweler Anne Dale has exclusive custom designed pieces at the price in your budget.

Independent Jewelers Help Our Local economy.

Anne Dale Jewelers is owned by people that are part of your home community. Supporting our business not only means that you walk out with a unique piece of jewelry, but that you are keeping funds local instead of throwing that money into a far away corporation’s bank account.

Anne Dale Jewelers Give Better Service

Walking into a mall store, you are viewed as a commission, but to an in our Mandeville jewelry store you are someone special. As craftsmen we aren’t just selling our wares; we are selling our craft and art, which means we have a personal stake in each piece. We like to educate our clients and work with them to create something truly special, always knowledgeable with honesty upfront.

There are so many reasons Anne Dale wants to and should be your preferred jewelry store!

Why do seemingly identical diamonds on paper have huge price variances?

Often as much as a 70% difference in price?

The Difference is in the sparkle and the location of the natural inclusions.