Linking Diamonds to the Art of Love

Since Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day near the middle of the month, it is no wonder why February has been long used to honor love and romance.

And there is perhaps no better way for a man to declare his love than a piece of diamond jewelry. By doing so he understand Diamonds and the Art of Love.

To find out how diamonds became associated with matters of the heart, let us consider some beliefs rooted in Greek mythology.

Greek tradition held that the god Eros, who ruled over passionate love and desire, shot diamond-tipped arrows to bring couples together. Even the word diamond can be traced to the Greek word adamas, which signified an insurmountable and enduring force. This certainly defines love, especially in marriage.

Other sources mention the fact that diamonds are naturally formed under the pressure of the earth, and many couples find their love has been strengthened by the hardships they face together. Diamonds also are not formed overnight – neither is love.

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