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In-House Jewelry Repair

In-House Jewelry Repair

There are many differences between chain jewelry stores and a local jeweler like Anne Dale Jewelers. One of the most prominent services is in-house jewelry repair, along with a higher level of professionalism and expertise, security, communication, and pricing. These jewelry store services usually included repairs such as:

  • ring sizings,
  • diamond setting,
  • tightening loose diamonds and gemstones,
  • prongs, polishing,
  • jewelry cleaning,
  • inspection,
  • watch batteries,
  • watch adjustments,
  • evaluation and estate jewelry
  • and insurance appraisals. Jeweler repair on site

Benefits to a Local Jewelry Store Repairs done on-site

  1. Peace of Mind – This means having the confidence that your family heirlooms are not being handled by third-party carriers or a distant unknown jewelry repair shop. Most jewelry stores do not have a professional repair shop on site, so these large jewelry operators use service centers that are often out of state!
  2. Communication – At Anne Dale Jewelers , you are communicating with an expert jeweler or GIA Certified gemologist who offers in-house services. You communicate your desires directly to us. Our text line is one way we can constantly reach out to you with updates, estimates and links with suggestions.
  3. Reduced chance of lost jewelry – When a jeweler outsources jewelry repair services, items will change hands quite frequently. This fumbling increases the chance that the jewelry may be lost or misplaced. At Anne Dale, all jewelry repairs are documented with a detailed description that produces three copies: one for our client, one for the front of the store, and another for our shop foreman. We are fully insured and have built in security measures to assure peace-of-mind. Also all jewelry is photographed, so the chance of our in-house jewelry repair service losing an item are slim to none.
  4. Fair, clear, and detailed prices – Jewelry repairs that are not done on the premises cost more to insure when transporting. Outsourcing is expensive and the jewelers often charge more. Sticker shock on simple jewelry repairs can blind side both the sales associate and the customers at off-site jewelry repair shops. At Anne Dale, we let you know the price right from the very beginning and will itemize the jewelry findings and craftsman labor.

On-site Jewelry Repairs

We offer the best in-house jewelry repair in Mandeville, LA. We also offer watch battery, watch bands and adjustments in a professional jewelry shop near you.

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