Private Jeweler vs Big Name Jeweler

Private Jeweler Experience

It would be safe to say as a independent jeweler that most of our jewelry business is derived from the store’s 40- year history and its loyal clients. Others might have discovered Anne Dale Jewelers by searching on the Internet when in need of our jewelry services.

However, our greatest joy (and most beloved challenge) comes from our word-of-mouth client referrals. When a long-time client suggests our jewelry business to their friends and family members, these referrals create a competitive excitement in our jewelry shop.

Anne Dale thrives on being the perceived underdog in the head-to-head competition against the area’s more highly advertised jewelry stores. With their high traffic locations and built-in generational customer bases, sadly many have lost (or never had) the passion of their store’s founders. Michael and Anne Dale have built their business from a position of love and passion for over 40 years.

How a Private Jeweler competes against the big budget jewelers?

Simply, Anne Dale Jewelers does not spend tens of thousands of dollars advertising nor do we pay outrageous rents. Big name jewelers may win in the amount of jewelry items sold, but high volume was never our goal. In fact, we are the opposite of mass-produced and aggressively-advertised jewelry.

A premier private jeweler like Anne Dale offers something that far exceeds the competition, both online and when compared to big-name jewelry stores. Here are some reasons why.

The Quality

High-volume jewelry stores often buy jewelry, diamonds and gemstones in bulk. While this may be an efficient way to get a cheap price, quality is often sacrificed in the process. On the other hand, you can expect a local jeweler to hand-select the best values in premium diamond jewelry. Private jewelers will source gold, diamonds, and other jewelry findings from select reputable suppliers.

The Experience & Service

Big-name jewelry stores can spend a lot of money on their locations, advertisements and storefronts. However, this business model can create a crowded and noisy store environment. When you become just another face in the crowd, sadly there is nothing special about you – or the selection to choose from, for that matter.

For the owners, it is a numbers game. You may get lost in the volume and find yourself waiting for a while.

A local private jeweler will do jewelry repairs and alterations right in the store. This means you will not wait long to get your ring back, and you won’t have to worry about it being lost in shipping. In addition, the slower environment is usually much friendlier and more helpful. At Anne Dale , you can schedule private appointments for one-on-one consultations and enjoy the full attention of a private jeweler.

The Choices:

When it comes down to the number of choices available for diamond engagement rings, big-name jewelers often carry branded pieces that are mass-produced. These have typically been acquired through buyer groups, so they are available in multiple store locations. When you choose a private jeweler, you can design your own custom engagement ring. The options are endless. This allows us to provide insight and assistance throughout the process, as you create a truly one-of-a-kind diamond engagement ring.

The Price:

Especially when it comes to real fine jewelry, the saying “you get what you pay for” does not always apply. Unfortunately, at big name jewelry stores, you often can get much less than you paid for. If you want to make a simple change or personalize the piece in any way, you can expect to pay extremely high customization fees. Their business models simply revolve around inventory turnover on the SKUs (product) in store.

Visit Mandeville’s premier private jeweler at Anne Dale, and let us create the perfect diamond engagement ring of her dreams today.