Custom Design A New Heirloom Engagement Ring

Custom Design & Jewelry Redesign

Are you ready to re-image inherited, estate jewelry or vintage jewelry?

When the time comes to breath new life into those special jewelry items worn by a loved one , allow us to assist you in custom designing a new family heirloom. Our experts can custom design, transform dated retro jewelry into a new classic redesigned ring, necklace and bracelets that will be enjoyed for generations to come. We love to relight the twinkle into a unique wearable jewelry memorial using the gold, diamonds and gemstones from loved ones we long to stay connect too. Newly redesigned jewelry that show off your personality, individual style and a story like no other.

Over the decades Anne Dale’s has crafted thousands of one-of-a-kind jewelry items from sentimental, inherited and estate jewelry. A process that allows a new generation to add their story to the family heirlooms. While honoring the family ancestor’s history and enhancing an emotional attachment to the jewelry’s upgraded style and value.

We believe every piece of jewelry has a story, many worthy of a sequel that is an epic novels. By working together, no matter if a grandparents wedding band, an old diamond engagement ring, pearl necklace or vintage earrings we begin a new chapter of love, commitment awhile continuing the family legacy.

Stop by and lets talk about the sentiment and saving you will enjoy by re-purposing generations of love.