Vintage & Estate Jewelry

  • Evaluation

  • Restoration

  • Redesign

Estate Jewelry Evaluations

Estate Jewelry and other Jewelry Appraisals are use for insurance coverage protecting your jewelry and watch collections in the event of a loss, damage or theft of estate jewelry.

While inherited jewelry may have a sentimental value beyond its fair market value. Many families struggle with being entrusted with family heirlooms for future generations.

“What is it worth?” is the most common question we are asked when love ones  begin the process of dividing a deceased’s estate jewelry collection. Just because a piece is old doesn’t necessarily mean it’s valuable in a financial sense. However, often the sentiment associated with a deceased love one precious jewels justifies an evaluation of the market value to establish a basis for equity.

Regardless of your plan to do with the estate jewelry – keep it, sell it or redesign the heirloom your priority should be to determine its value.