Gemologists live for the fire, the sparkle, the brilliance of stones. Measured in degrees of reflection, refraction and dispersion, the effect of light on a diamond is a defining characteristic of brilliance.

But the brilliance of one Louisiana gemologist shines brighter than any stone in her case. Anne Dale, GIA Graduate Gemologist, Professional Gemologist-Columbia School of Gemology, Fellow of the Gemological Association of Great Britain, and owner of Anne Dale Jewelry in Mandeville, LA combined her love for gemology and compassion for others to create Jeweler for a Cause – an original collection of jewelry created to raise money, awareness and the spirits of people in need. This philanthropic line not only highlights Anne’s design talents, but it also incorporates her love for the community. Add that to her Italian heritage and you’ve got a formula for brilliance beyond compare.

Jeweler for a Cause began when Hurricane Katrina overwhelmed the Gulf Coast in 2005. Anne and her husband Mike Dale watched their community fall to its knees as the flood waters destroyed everything in their path. Living through the aftermath of the 6th most intense Atlantic hurricane ever recorded took its toll on Anne, as she watched family, friends and community put their lives back together. Anne saw the bad, but she also found the good. Katrina survivors walked away with a greater sense of community. Anne walked away forever changed.

The emotional impact motivated her to draw from the two things she knew best – jewelry and her compassionate heart. In 2006 she established Jeweler for a Cause to focus on the many philanthropic causes she endorsed.

“Jeweler for a Cause exists for three reasons,” she said. “We seek to provide heightened awareness of the cause, funding for the cause and caring for others in need.”

For eight years Jeweler for a Cause has come alongside large and small organizations such as Catholic Charities, House of Blues, Disney Epcot, TABASCO and the Easter Seals Foundation to shine the light on those in need. And each custom designed peice comes with its own unique story that will inevitably touch your heart.

“My first collection was born out of a need for cultural healing of my hometown in the aftermath of Katrina,” says Anne. “I created the Katrina Relief Badge in sterling silver with the theme, ‘I know what it means to love New Orleans.’ I think it was inspired by God. Within 3 days we had 700 hits on our website and Dan Akroyd was asking to purchase 500 of the pins. The proceeds went to the victims of that killer hurricane.”

Anne-autism-AprilAnne expanded the collection to include other New Orleans pieces like ‘Return to New Orleans’ and ‘Pray for the Gulf Coast.’ These pieces went on to raise more than $175,000 in hurricane relief.

Riding on the heels of the hurricane relief line, Anne pulled from her personal experience for the 2nd Jeweler for a Cause line. Called the ‘Self-esteem’ pendant, Anne poured her heart into creating a visual representation of the emotional pain associated with vascular birthmarks. Watching her own son, Stephen, deal with the pressure of looking different touched her heart as he struggled to find his significance outside of his external appearance.

“I believe the pressure placed on our youth today to be perfect has never been higher,” she says. “This pendant sends the message, ‘you are beautiful just the way you are.’”

It didn’t take long for Anne to realize that young girls from junior high to college struggle in this area too. The back of the sterling silver pendant is engraved with ‘Beauty Comes From Within,’ and it wasn’t long before young girls became her target audience. Like the first Jeweler for a Cause piece, a portion of the proceeds from the self-esteem piece go to charity.

Anne has since created many other custom lines for Jeweler for a Cause. The Perseverance Pin, is closely tied to the battle with cancer. The Facing Autism pendant, which moves from puzzle piece to the profile of a child, highlights the knowledge and goodness within all children. And the Star of Hope, which combines the Silver Star (3rd highest award given for valor) and the Yellow Ribbon, benefits groups helping military men, women and their families throughout the world.

“One of the most memorable moments from my Jeweler with a Cause line is when I pinned the Star of Hope on Oliver North at the New Orleans D-Day Museum event,” Anne recalls. “I created that piece after Matt Cole, a Mandeville native who was struck by a mortar round launched by insurgents, inspired me. Cole’s spinal cord and lungs were injured and, today, he works with other veterans ensuring they receive all benefits afforded them for their service to their country, and he does it from his wheelchair.”

But perhaps her most significant contribution to date has been her creation of LaPearlite, the state gem of Louisiana. Born out of the Gulf oil spill, Anne’s commitment to her local seafood industry triggered those creative juices. While shucking oysters in her back yard the beautiful pearl-coated shells caught her eye. That led her to try and mine the stone out of this very specific type of oyster (Crassostrea Virginica) that is native to the Gulf Coast. The result was a beautiful organic gemstone from the oyster shell that has luster and differing shades of white and mother of pearl look that swirl throughout each gemstone. In 2011 the LaPearlite became the official Louisiana State Gemstone when it was signed into law by Governor Bobby Jindal.

Like the brilliant stones that surround her, Anne Dale reflects the love and generosity she has toward her neighbors and her community. The many facets of her philanthropic line highlight not only her caring nature, but also her gemological and design talents. If we measured brilliance in the lives of those around us, Anne Dale’s would be classified as a Super Ideal Make.

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SOURCE: Southern Jewelry News

Mandeville Jewelers

Anne Dale has been known for her jewelry creations, especially benefiting local charities and most recently for the discovery of Louisiana’s gemstone, LaPearlite®.

This Mandeville Jewelers latest venture, however, have made her creations more affordable and have captured the dichotomy of the south Louisiana culture, where one goes to a crawfish boil in the afternoon and a formal Mardi Gras ball in the evening. It’s called Second Line jewelry.

Made of 316L stainless steel, the highest grade of stainless steel available and used in the medical profession, the new creations fill a void the Mandeville jewelers business for a lesser-priced line.

The Second Line collection features four collections: I Love New Orleans, Who Dat, Saints (which is licensed by the NFL) and A Way-of-Life. The fleur de lis collection is included in the I love New Orleans category and jewelry showcasing the seafood industry, such as the shrimp boot jewelry and oysters, are in the way of life category. The new line offers many opportunities, including traveling to seafood festivals and shows. The use of the new metal also has several advantages, including the fact that they are hypoallergenic, being of the same type of metal used for pins and implants in the medical profession. The highly polished items are indicative of silver, but without the price tag. It’s also harder and less likely to bend.

Men’s gifts includes money clips, cuff links and key chains while women can revel in necklaces, earrings, anklets and bracelets.

Sunday, December 2, 2012 By Debbie Glover St. Tammany News

Classy oyster shells may be bumping the agate as the state’s official gemstone. But all would not be lost for agate found in Louisiana gravel, a legislative committee decided Wednesday. It would be the state’s newly designated official mineral.

The House Judiciary Committee approved House Bill 246 by Rep. Scott Simon, R-Abita Springs, sending it forward for more debate.

The agate would be replaced as the official gemstone by the cabochon-cut gemstone, which Simon said is derived from the shell of a species of oyster found off the Louisiana coast.

Simon’s bill originally sought to designate LaPearlite as the state gemstone, but he said that is a trademarked name and cannot be used. He amended the bill to designate the specific mollusk shell — from the species of Crassostrea virginica — for the honor.

Screenshot (66)

Anne Dale, a gemologist who lives in the Mandeville portion of Simon’s district, said that she was impressed by the beauty of the oyster shell as a material to make jewelry.

“This could be a big positive for our seafood industry” at a time when the industry is still hurting nationally, Simon said. He pointed out that during the past decade, “the seafood industry has suffered from the perfect storm,” including several hurricanes, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and river water being diverted from the Bonnet Carre and Morganza spillways to relieve Mississippi River flooding.

 Designation of an official gemstone and mineral allows state officials to use them on official state documents.

Second LineThe “Second” Line Starts Here introducing a new collection containing all the excitement and creativity of Anne Dale’s in-store jewelry designs but with a mobile New Orleans flare. Exclusive designs coming to an event near you, priced to please while crafted in sterling silver and the new 316L stainless steel.

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New FINISH STRONG® Jewelry Collection



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Anne Dale Jeweller
[email protected]

Mandeville, LA,
February 4, 2010

Inspired a City, a Team and a Jewelry Designer

New Orleans, LA – Feburary 4, 2010 – Anne Dale Jeweller, LLC has teamed up with FINISH STRONG, LLC to design, manufacture and distribute an official FINISH STRONG® jewelry collection.

“This is a very exciting partnership with a powerful message that will be the center piece of the designs,” said Mandeville jeweler Anne Dale. “Thanks to the cause-related collection of jewelry that has been created in recent years, we have developed the capability of exceptional detail and artistry. I am confident that we provide an assortment of jewelry unlike any seen before. The `FINISH STRONG’ mentality has energized all of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region. My vision with jewelry design is that it should serve as a conduit to inspire others-that `Finish Strong’ can do the same for you.”

“`Finish Strong’ captures the hope and determination of people in a big way,” said Dan Green, the founder of Finish Strong LLC and executive vice-president of Simple Truths. “It has become a new battle cry that inspires tens of thousands; two words that express the vigorous efforts and boundless courage which inspire an entire city – to FINISH STRONG!”

Green is a former salesman, sales leader, sales trainer, patented inventor, race car driver, author, husband and father.  The finish-strong attitude has been a driving force in his life and a key catalyst for helping him to achieve his goals in business, sports and life, he said.

Green said that he believes that others could benefit from the same attitude.  He received trademark rights to the words “Finish Strong” in 1996 and since that time, he has had the mission of spreading the message of finishing strong to people across the globe.

The `FINISH STRONG’ Collection will offer several styles that incorporate a Fleur de Lis, and which also express New Orleans celebration of recent triumphs in overcoming past struggles. Fans of the Anne Dale Collections can expect inspired works that focus on the human spirit and the instinctive nature to expect more and “Finish Strong,” Dale said.

The Anne Dale Collection of original jewelry contains designs that have helped to raise money, awareness and the spirits of people in need. Pieces include The Self-esteem pendant™, the military Star of Hope Collection™, the Love New Orleans Collection, the Facing Autism Collection™ and the Rising Star.  They are available nationwide through a network of charity partners and retail stores and jewelers.

Through the sales of her jewelry collection, The Anne Dale Jeweler for a Cause Fund has raised and distributed money for many causes that include hurricane recovery, birth defects, self-esteem, soldiers, and cancer prevention.

* Finish Strong is a registered trademark and is used under license.

RTNO_Web1.jpgJuly 18 2006

Jewelry designer Anne Dale, has raised more than $100,000 for Hurricane Katrina victims through sales of her “I Know What it Means … to Love New Orleans” jewelry collection.

A percent of sales of the jewelry goes towards groups directly assisting those affected by the hurricane. The collection includes the “I Know What it Means … to Love New Orleans” badge, the “Return to New Orleans” ring, the “Pray for the Gulf Coast” key ring and the “Signature New Orleans” fleur de lis earrings.

Dale lives in St. Tammany Parish five miles from New Orleans. She lost power, phone, running water and more than 20 trees in the hurricane.

Dale is a graduate gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America, a professional gemologist of the Columbia School of Gemology and a fellow of The Gemological Association of Great Britain. In May 1999, she opened her own retail store, Anne-Dale

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