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We Buy Gold, as trusted jewelry evaluator for over 30 years. Anne Dale knows the second hand market for gold, silver and diamonds… it’s more important to get the right price than a quick payment that may not be for the correct value.

Gather-up your old, broken and unwanted jewelry items today for a free evaluation.

After the gemstone removal process is complete, your stones are carefully cleaned, inspected, weighed and packaged for you.

There is no obligation to sell and you will receive the highest price possible from a name you know and can trust – Anne Dale.

Determining if an item is gold, silver or platinum?

In evaluating an item it is important to known its content gold, silver or platinum. There are ways and things you can do to determine the precious metal type.

We buy gold and are here to help you find a specific marking or the run acid test in realizing the highest value of your scrap metals. Anne Dale Jewelers is happy do all these tests for you at our secure environment at no charge.

If you would like to examine your items at home, here are some simple tests you can tire:

Magnet Test

After looking for the hallmarks, another simple way you can rule out an item is with the magnet. A stronger magnet is recommend one that you can find at a local hardware store. Hold the magnet to your items…

Gold is never magnetic which means if the magnet attracts the jewelry, your item will not contain much if any gold, silver or platinum. Still, many karat gold chains use a clasp that have a magnetic spring inside. However caution must be taken because there are certain metals that are non-magnetic used in the manufacturing costume jewelry and counterfeit chains that are no real.

If you have any doubt it should still be tested by an expert to be certain.


Hallmarks are characters that are stamped on gold, silver and platinum items – to identify the items purity. These marks can be found in a variety of places. Commonly in the inside of a ring or a hanging tag\flag by the clasp of a necklace. Often, a magnifying glass or jewelers loupe is required to clearly see the hallmark.

Purity Marks

The most important hallmark tells the item’s precious metal content.

The number will tell you the actual precious metal content or the purity of the precious metal. Beware that different countries often use different hallmarking standards so the marking may differ depending on where the item was created. Some common purity hallmarks:

GF – Gold Filled
P – Plumb Gold (least the amount of karats)
KP – Karat Plumb (this means the item is at least the karat listed)
Pd – Palladium
PT- Platinum
PLAT – Platinum
Silver – Sterling Silver
SS – Stainless Steel
TCW – Total Carat Weight (typically sum of all diamond weight)
CZ  – Cubic Zirconia

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