GIA GIA’s Gems & Gemology the quarterly scientific journal of the Gemological Institute of America featured  Louisiana LaPearlite® in the Summer 2018 edition. Derived from the organic shell of the Crassostrea virginica (American Oyster) the most important consumer mollusk in the United States, a species predominantly found in the waters of coastal Louisiana.

Anne Dale develop a process that allows a gemstone to be derived from the shell of the species. A Louisianacabochon cut gemstone from the shell of the Crassostrea virginica known as LaPearlite® became the Official Louisiana State Gemstone in 2011 .

While beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, beauty really starts in the mind;  perhaps that is why “common things” are often taken for granted… until they are taken from us. The purist of whites, to a gentle flow of golden wispy veils – in its final splendor each LaPearlite® is uniquely born of the sea.

The scientific research and article was conducted\authored by Artitaya Homkrajae gemologist at GIA in Carlsbad, California.




 Watch Batteries Installed

Anne Dale offers an expert watch battery service. We literally change thousands of watch batteries each year stocking a huge inventory of “fresh” watch batteries in over 100 sizes.

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Jewelry for a Cause®

For nearly ten years, Anne Dale’s Jewelry for a Cause® has worked with large organizations such as Catholic Charities, House of Blues, Disney Epcot, TABASCO, Easter Seals as well many smaller groups raising awareness, money and the spirits of people in need. You can contribute to the future of someone in need when you purchase a Jewelry for a Cause ® design for yourself or as a gift item.

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Monograms Jewelry Returns to New Orleans

As Christmas approaches, store owners have certain price-point driven brands, designers and jewelry types they’re confident will sell well. But the common underlying theme for this Christmas season is diamond pendants as top sellers. Estimates for average tickets of all jewelry sales this holiday season will range from $250 to $500, with a sweet spot from $325 to $375.

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Remodeled Diamond Showroom

New Orleans jewelry designer Anne Dale announces the upcoming remodeling diamond showroom of the Mandeville jewelry stores  which will include expanding the diamond bridal engagement ring selection by three times the current size, … “diamond engagement and bridal ring business has exploded in large part from social media but also by word-of-mouth.

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