My Sunshine Louisiana


Louisianans are as diverse as the geographic regions that make up our great state.

While some may claim to be of French, Italian, German, Irish, English, or African ancestry, the truth is many, if not most of us are descendents of some combination of these and other ethnicities.

The merging and blending of our people can be seen in our architecture, music, food it is what gives this region such a unique and culturally rich flavor.


We all have a personal story of how we find ourselves in Louisiana at this time in history.

My American Dream started two generations ago with my grandfather, a man I would never meet. He came here from Italy at the age of 16 and he chose to call New Orleans “home” because he believed it to be a thriving land of great opportunity.

My grandfather owned a small fruit, meat and fish market on the edge of the French Quarter. He spoke very little English but through thrift and hard work he did his best for his family.

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I will for the first time this summer visit Contessa Entellina, the small village in Sicily where his journey began; his name is Severio Ferrara.

“The American Dream is Alive in Louisiana”
Thank you Severio (Grandpa) Ferrara

Anne Ferrara Dale

What is your Louisiana American Dream story?

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  • Anne Dale

    “The story of “American Dream Alive” is the story of Louisiana Senator Steve Scalise…

    whose family emigrated to Louisiana and dedicated their efforts to success.

    Steered by their gift of Faith and combined with a strong work ethic, their humble beginnings in America and hopes for a better future are being realized through the success of Senator Scalise. Steve’s paternal great grandfather, Peter Scalise came to Louisiana from Sicily in the late 1800’s to work in the sugar cane fields as part of the post civil war labor force.

    He then sent for Steve’s paternal great, great grandparents, George and Virginia Maturana, who became strawberry farmers near Amite in Tangipahoa Parish.

    After working in the cane fields for several years, Steve’s paternal great grandparents, Virginia Maturana Scalise and Peter Scalise settled in New Orleans where they raised their family and were in the grocery business, as were Angellina Caronna Accardo and Joseph Accardo, the parents of his paternal grandmother, Madlyn Accardo Scalise, who was also born in Orleans Parish and lived there for most of her life. Steve’s maternal grandparents, Philomena Scalco Schellici and Rosario Schilleci, both of Sicilian descent, were successful in Jefferson Parish with the popular “Three SSS Restaurant”.

    From the beautiful land of Sicily to the cane and strawberry fields of Louisiana, the legacy of Steve’s heritage is one of hard work and a dedication to the strong family values of Faith, Hope and Love. With pride in their success,

    Steve’s ancestors are surely smiling on the accomplishments of their own, Senator Steve Scalise.

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