Estate and Heirloom Jewelry

Estate Jewelry

It is often said that people don’t value heirlooms today as much as compared to the olden days. Estate jewelry item can contain a piece of family history, a small conduit connecting one generation to the next.

All family heirlooms help remind us of where we came from, of our history, and of the people who are no longer with us. It can by difficult to put a value on these items often considered priceless to family members. The most meaningful of all family heirlooms is the jewelry – precious metal, rare color gemstones, diamonds and the master craftsman’s handiwork. There is something extra special about a piece of generational estate jewelry.

For example, a simple gold wedding band can symbolizes more than just one couple’s love, embodying generations of fidelity and commitment, spanning decades of a family history. Wearing an such an heirloom ring can continue those family traditions and faith based bonds.

No one should ever lose track of their family heritage, having a little something (even if not of great monetary value) as a token connects you to your past. At Anne Dale Jewelers we have been creating and restoring family heirlooms since 1983 it is one of the most enjoyable aspects of our passion. Repairing or re-purposing allowing our hands to breath fresh life into a classic family jewelry item – there is nothing more special.

Unsure of the metal quality or requiring gem identification of antique jewelry we can help, Anne Dale FGA, GG, PG is a certified GIA Gemologist providing an unbiased professional opinion on gemstone quality and values.

Heirloom Jewelry
Family heirloom jewelry is a direct tangible connection to your history. Original beauty and sentimental jewelry are forever in style and what is truly valuable.

We would like to thank Joanne for entrusting Anne Dale Jewelers with the restoration and appraising of her family heirloom pendant/brooch – seen here worn by her great grandmother in 1895.

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