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Graduate Gemologist

Evaluations from a graduate gemologist must look at companies, designers and proprietary jewelry add value beyond the basic components of their products. The market has expanded with consumer choices of Generic, Hybrid, and Custom Jewelry. Today’s jewelry appraisers can no longer derive at market values by routine formulas and approaches. As our industry transitions from Craftsmanship to CAD-manship, the artists’ hand becomes less involved creating a common market for uniqueness.

As the internet becomes more refined it creates a demanding generation of consumers that consider themselves pseudo experts. Learn how these changes impact your appraisal business whether it’s branding, intellectual property, or cause marketing. Acquire an appreciation for the new, ever changing evaluation in a millennial world – and the tremendous opportunities it offers.

Anne Dale, FGA owns and operates a fine jewelry retail store. She is a Gemologist, Appraiser, Designer, Speaker, Educator, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist Author of the book “Swept Away” and the Discoverer of the Louisiana State Gemstone. Anne is a Graduate Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of American, Professional Gemologist of the Columbia School of Gemology, and a British Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain.

She is a member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers and an expert witness for the Internal Revenue Service. As a Louisiana native she was a recipient of “Louisiana Artist Award” and “Woman of the Year” by the Professional Business Women’s Association of Saint Tammany Parish, Louisiana. She is a recipient of “The Diamond in the Rough Award” by the Association of Women Gemologist. Her jewelry designs have been sold to retailers and wholesalers nationwide as well as Disney, Sam’s, Walgreens, museums, jewelry manufacturer Stuller Inc, and produces a line of jewelry for the Statue of Liberty gift store.