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Jewelry cleaner Mandeville
Jewelry cleaner Mandeville

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Regularly cleaning your ring and all jewelry is an important part to maintaining its quality. Oils, dirt, sanitizers, and hand soaps can build up on the ring, which not only can dull its shine and sparkle but in some cases may damage the precious metal and gemstones.

While there are many DIY jewelry cleaners, it is always best to bring your ring to Anne Dale’s your local jeweler for expert care and advice when it comes to cleaning fine jewelry. Having your ring polished and professionally cleaned is well worth your time for peace of mind.


  • Avoid wearing your ring while swimming.

  • Take your ring off when you go to sleep at night.

  • Remove your ring when using harsh chemicals, especially bleach and choline products.


  • Do not use hand sanitizers with less than 60% alcohol.

  • Do not wear your ring while using harsh chemical cleaners.

  • Should not be worn when doing strenuous activities.

Quick Tip

It is a good habit to apply perfumes, lotions, makeup and like items before putting on your ring — helping to keep the ring cleaner longer.

Mark Your Calendar


It is a good practice to visually inspect your jewelry weekly, also schedule a semi-annual ring maintenance in our expanded jewelry shop. This include an expert cleaning, detailing and polishing of your jewelry. Anne Dale expert jeweler will ensuring the diamonds and gemstones are secure, the prongs not thin, and that the precious metals are in good condition.

Quick Tip

Schedule an inspection and a professional polishing before your wedding, allowing your diamond engagement ring to truly shine on your big day.

Keep The Sparkle


Make your white gold ring look brand new by having your local jeweler Anne Dale add a new rhodium plating. A hypoallergenic precious metal plating process that provides a harder bonded surface with a brighter shine.

Quick Tip

If you remove your engagement ring while traveling, we suggest putting it on a necklace to keep it from being forgotten.

The Perfect Fit


Your ring should slide on easily, but be a little snug as it passes over your knuckle. When removing the knuckle should create a snugness that prevent the ring from slipping off easily. A ring should never causes discomfort and is too small. Most rings can be sized larger or smaller relatively easily by our jewelers.




Your engagement ring one of the most important purchases you will make, and you will want peace of mind from the moment he slips it on your finger. While many people insure their jewelry through their home owners policy, Anne Dale  often suggest an alternative to company Jewelers Mutual.

Keep in mind, the best insurance is a professional appraisal.