Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day

Most people associate Valentine’s Day with images of heart-shaped candy, flowers, and other romantic symbols.

But the origins of this holiday are not as rosy as their modern interpretations would let on.

Instead, they are deeply shrouded in historical legends that involve curious rituals about  February 14 commemoration bears.

The ancient Roman calendar included a holiday to encourage the health and fertility of the city’s people. A date that men and women selected their potential mates’ names from a jar, around the fifth century, the current pope outlawed this ritual in favor of honoring Saint Valentine.

Some mystery surrounds the exact identity of the Saint who deserves the credit for bringing lovers together, though. Historians recorded three different narratives about a man named Valentine being martyred on the same day, February 14.

The most popular tale depicts Saint Valentine as a Roman priest who married young soldiers against the emperor’s wishes, and he was executed for his crimes. As a result,

Valentine became regarded as the patron saint of romantic love.

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