The Intel Gala: A night of fun and surprises

The evening was full of surprises, but one of the most surprising was the announcement that an Intel employee had just become engaged! Just before the Gala, Alley, Eric J proposed to his fiancé, Dr. Shelby Kear. “I was very surprised to be called out on the dance floor,” said Alley. “My co-worker Louis, who was part of the team that helped organize the Gala knew of my plans for the proposal, overhearing me planning everything with my best friend and co-worker Alex-as well as my sister who both work for Intel. Louis asked them if they should announce it and they said “‘yes!'” Alley proposed to Dr. Kear just before the Gala, using the event itself as an excuse for them to get dressed up and take photos without arousing her suspicion. Upon being asked what the moment was like, Alley said “I was so nervous about making sure I didn’t fumble with my words or drop the ring. The best part was she didnt see the proposal coming and started backing up at first wondering what I was doing kneeling down. I grabbed her hand to keep her from backing away, shaking nervously. I was able to finally complete my speech and ask her the question, ‘Will you marry me?’ The tears in her eyes and the smile on her face was enough of an answer, but it certainly was an overwhelming moment when I her say, ‘Yes! Of course, Yes!'”

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