Engagement Ring – Before You Ask for Her Hand

Why do brides dream of marrying a Knight in Shining Armor?

The answer to this question lies in the Middle Ages, specifically the Code of Chivalry.

A hobby for David Board was metal detecting. In 2019 while exploring the countryside in South West of England his machine pinged on what he thought was something of little or no value.  “It was once I got home and washed it off that we realized it was a lot better than we thought,” he explained to CNN. Examined by medieval historical experts is when the true importance of the discovery was made clear.

A ring featuring two entwined bands seemingly symbolizing marriage. The focal point was an inverted diamond set into the gold. The band was inscription in medieval French “ieo vos * tien * foi * tenes * le moy” meaning “As I hold your faith, hold mine.”

Medieval Ring

14th Century diamond gold ring. (Photo: Noonans)


An example of medieval love and chivalry, the ring possibly belonged to Joan Brook, wife of  Sir Thomas Brook(a knight). They married in 1388.

Early eleventh-century poets composed tales about the conception and birth of Arthur at Tintagel, Arthur’s marriage to Guinevere, the knights of King Arthur’s court and the Round Table, Excalibur, Camelot, Lancelot, and the Holy Grail.

Knights in the beginning were anything but shining. Then came the Code of Conduct for the Knights, which changed everything.

King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table were on a quest for holiness, hoping to be protectors of damsels in distress. They saw themselves as knights in pursuit of love, which they would often lose, then fight to get it back again.

Before You Ask for Her Hand

Code of Chivalry:

    • To worship God and uphold his Church
    • To respect the honor of women
    • To protect those who are weak and defenseless
    • To assist widows and orphans
    • To live honorably and for glory
    • To despise monetary reward
    • To fight for the benefit of all
    • To obey those in positions of authority
    • To guard the honor of fellow knights
    • To always speak truthfully
    • To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun
    • To never refuse a challenge from an equal
    • To never turn one’s back upon an enemy
  • “Knighthood” and “chivalry” are not one and the same, but it is impossible to speak of one without addressing the other. It is within this code we find many of our traditions of chivalry, romance, marriage and the engagement.

    Kneeling as an act of humility and service
    A man removes his hat in the presence of a lady because knights removed their helmets
    Even words like “courting”, as Knights were the protectors of the Kings courts

Just a Few of Anne Dale's Shining Knights

It is officially spring – love is in the air

Engagement Rings

Which is a beautiful time when love is blooming and couples are taking that first step into their happily ever after together. Engagement rings and wedding band trends are changing this season as brides move from traditional bridal standards to reflect their own personality. This post shares some upcoming trends that are making a comeback, so if you and your fiance are shopping together this will introduce new styles for the season. If he is going in alone, send this to him as one of those not so sly hints us ladies are all guilty of leaving.

Oval and radiant cut diamonds are becoming more popular, an ovals long shape is flattering on the hand and the radiant cut exhibits maximum sparkle. Hidden halos add an unique touch to a solitaire. A hidden halo wraps around the bottom of a stone, making it visible only from the side profile. It is a great accent to add for the classic bride who wants a hint of extra sparkle.

As the saying states, “what goes around comes around”. This is ringing true for this seasons new bridal trends. Victorian inspired rings are popping up more in jewelers’ shops. This style is perfect for the vintage bride who likes to sparkle. Victorian rings often have a single or double halo with rows or clusters of diamonds set in yellow gold. Another vintage style making a comeback is the Toi Et Moi style, it displays two stones set side by side. Toi Et Moi means ‘you and me’ and symbolizes the love between two partners. Many celebrities have been seen wearing this stunning vintage style. The most common stone combinations have been a diamond with an emerald, pearl, or sapphire. The Toi Et Moi is a romantic option for the couple who wants to show their love and have a beautiful piece to symbolize their partnership.


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The Intel Gala: A night of fun and surprises

The evening was full of surprises, but one of the most surprising was the announcement that an Intel employee had just become engaged! Just before the Gala, Alley, Eric J proposed to his fiancé, Dr. Shelby Kear. “I was very surprised to be called out on the dance floor,” said Alley. “My co-worker Louis, who was part of the team that helped organize the Gala knew of my plans for the proposal, overhearing me planning everything with my best friend and co-worker Alex-as well as my sister who both work for Intel. Louis asked them if they should announce it and they said “‘yes!'” Alley proposed to Dr. Kear just before the Gala, using the event itself as an excuse for them to get dressed up and take photos without arousing her suspicion. Upon being asked what the moment was like, Alley said “I was so nervous about making sure I didn’t fumble with my words or drop the ring. The best part was she didnt see the proposal coming and started backing up at first wondering what I was doing kneeling down. I grabbed her hand to keep her from backing away, shaking nervously. I was able to finally complete my speech and ask her the question, ‘Will you marry me?’ The tears in her eyes and the smile on her face was enough of an answer, but it certainly was an overwhelming moment when I her say, ‘Yes! Of course, Yes!'”

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