Jewelry Store Concierge

Jewelry Store Concierge


Jewelry Store Concierge Service

Mandeville has a new Jewelry Store Concierge Services that is designed to meet the needs of your busy active lifestyle!

Do you have a significant event that requires an extra special milestone jewelry item, perhaps it is a 5th, 10th, 25th or 50th anniversary?

Allow Anne Dale to source one-of-a-kind iconic jewelry piece for these and other occasions that demand a high jewelry gift item.

Anne Dale would love to be your personal jewelry store concierge and begin a quest for a truly iconic creation.

Our vast network of superior diamond sources, precious metal suppliers, and jewelry designers allows us to source, bring in, and review items of desire.

Maybe a diamond upgrade to a 2 carats or greater the ultimate romanic investment.

Contact us today to begin the process and let us source your next family heirloom jewelry.

Jewelry Store Concierge

Jewelry Store Concierge

Consultation & Education

Let’s talk diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds or what every she may desire to Color Her World. We are experts in gemology when it comes to a perfect rare gemstone color, hue and sparkle matter if it is to be featured in a one-of-a-kind creation.


We Got This – Anne Dale is up for the task with gemstone knowledge, jewelry expertise and a passion for rare and beautiful jewelry items. Forty years of experience while networking internationally with the jewelry industry all things are possible.

VIP Service

You are in good hands – You are a VIP here.  We love what we do there are no extra charges when using our sourcing services for your next milestone event that demands a gift of jewelry.