Local Jewelry Store Designer - Louisiana Artist Award

Louisiana Artist Award

Louisiana Artist Award

Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne with jewelry artist Anne Dale

Mandeville jewelry designer Anne Dale receives Louisiana Artist Award from Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne Office of Cultural Development.

The event was at the Louisiana State Museum in Baton Rouge also in attendance was Gaye Hamilton of the Louisiana Cultural Economy Initiative Program Manager and Aimee Smallwood CEO Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation.

New Orleans based jeweler Anne Dale discovered a new gemstone called LaPearlite® which is derived from Louisiana oysters.

Louisiana State Representative Scott Simon authored a bill that would make the material the new Official Louisiana State Gemstone in 2011.

The Music Withinautism-best-pic.jpg
by Anne Dale

It is an undeniable truth that children are the conduit that generations use to communicate.

The greatest challenge of one generation is to nurture the next and by doing so cultivate a bridge of hope for all of mankind.

“Education” literally means to draw out from within; an extraordinary education reveals the true gifts these children have to offer.

These gifts are imperative for the most important thing in life, our happiness.

I believe there is a universe of knowledge within each child.

This includes all children but especially those with Autism and other labeled “disabilities”; whose gifts when we allow ourselves to receive them, are often extra special.