New Orleans Anne Dale’s Jewelry Goes Gold 

Jewelry Goes Gold  A Katrina relief badge, jewelry goes gold, will shortly become widely available, as jeweler Anne Dale has agreed to put a her New Orleans Jewelry creation into large-scale production.

Jeweler Anne Dale created the badge in response to the devastation she witnessed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and has already sold them on a small-scale.

Now she will be manufacturing the badges in silver and both white and yellow gold from early October, reports JCK magazine.

Ms Dale lives in Mandeville, close to New Orleans, and wanted to design something to support New Orleans and the victims of the hurricane.

Her badge is designed for use as a lapel pin and can also be worn on a chain. It incorporates a crest that represents the Mississippi River and is engraved with “I know what it means” and sports a heart to symbolise love, under which New Orleans is written. Within the heart is a fleur-de-Lis recalling Louisiana’s French heritage.

The Katrina relief badges have already proved popular, with actor Dan Aykroyd placing an order for 500 and Ms Dale has even sent one to President Bush.

Proceeds form the sale of the badges will be channelled into the Anne Dale’s Relief Fund and relief projects in Ms Dale’s community.

Source – World Gold Council