It has been said that everyone in New Orleans is at least a little Catholic. The area has a long history of Saints in New Orleans Catholic traditions.

The religious influence on the cities culture is depicted in the spirit of life in New Orleans. It all begins on January 6th or the “Twelfth Night,” also known to New Orleans Catholics as the “Epiphany”.  When the King Cakes and Mardi Gras come to an end Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Season of Lent. It is a season of penance, reflection, and fasting which prepares New Orleanians for Easter Sunday.

While a period of reflection there are several Catholic Saints days of celebration like Saint Joseph and Saint Patrick Day. New Orleans Saint Joseph Day altar are a tradition rooted in the cities Sicilian heritage. Often celebrated in along side the Irish Catholics New Orleans Saint Patrick Day. Both New Orleans Saints celebration enjoy parades in the Big Easy.

Lagniappe means a little something extra and in New Orleans you don’t have to necessarily be Catholic to enjoy a Saints celebration.

Anne Dale’s Mandeville jewelry gift cards are the perfect for all your jewelry gift giving occasions. Now available in denomination from $35 to $500, also Anne Dale jewelry gift cards will never expire. Best of all they can be used in store for exclusive jewelry designs. Therefore if you require a service such as a jewelry repair or diamond appraisal you are covered.

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GIA GIA’s Gems & Gemology the quarterly scientific journal of the Gemological Institute of America featured  Louisiana LaPearlite® in the Summer 2018 edition. Derived from the organic shell of the Crassostrea virginica (American Oyster) the most important consumer mollusk in the United States, a species predominantly found in the waters of coastal Louisiana.

Anne Dale develop a process that allows a gemstone to be derived from the shell of the species. A Louisianacabochon cut gemstone from the shell of the Crassostrea virginica known as LaPearlite® became the Official Louisiana State Gemstone in 2011 .

While beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, beauty really starts in the mind;  perhaps that is why “common things” are often taken for granted… until they are taken from us. The purist of whites, to a gentle flow of golden wispy veils – in its final splendor each LaPearlite® is uniquely born of the sea.

The scientific research and article was conducted\authored by Artitaya Homkrajae gemologist at GIA in Carlsbad, California.




Graduate Gemologist

Evaluations in a Millennial World Apple is not a telephone and Starbucks is not coffee – companies, designers and proprietary jewelry add value beyond the basic components of their products. The market has expanded with consumer choices of Generic, Hybrid, and Custom Jewelry. Continue reading →

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