Gem Show

Antonio C. Bonanno Gemology

Tucson Gem Show

Just got back from the Tucson Gem Show! Every year this event brings in top Gemologist from around the world.

As much as I enjoy focusing on diamonds and diamond engagement rings, the Tuscan Gem Show is one of the many things that I attend annually to stay current on what is happening in the gemological industry.

Antonio C. Bonanno

Tucson Gem Show cira 1985 – Anne Dale, Ginger DeBeers, Antonio C. Bonanno, Karen Bonanno

Anytime I attend a jewelers event I always have my eye out for anything unique or interesting. I did find a handful of very interesting fine silver pieces of jewelry with some bezel set gemstones.

I brought back some beautiful amethyst as well as blue topaz earrings. One of my necklaces from the gem show has been catching a lot of complements from my customers.

But the main stay of Tuscon are of course the gems, pieces of quartz feet tall, giant Beryls, and some of the prettiest amethyst you would ever see. I also met with some of the industry’s leading  gem stone cutters about the Louisiana’s State Gemstone Lapearlite. It got many compliments and is causing some southern buzz in the jewelry industry. This is great for Louisiana and great for OUR gemstone Lapearlite which has really taken off! Another impressive item at the show was a 36 carat Tanzanite. This was the most beautiful tanzanite I have ever seen. It is valued at over $40,000 dollars. I was in search for a rather rare stone called Zoisite (a usually green form of tanzanite that can be treated to turn blue with heat). While I found many beautiful pieces of Zoisite I am still searching for one that is large enough for my needs. There is a massive pink version found in Norway called Thulite, Maybe I should go with a pink stone then…

Till’ next time…