Anne Dale donates $5000.00

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Jewelry for a Cause®

Vascular Birthmark Foundation

New Orleans jewelry designer Anne Dale donates $5000.00 to the Vascular Birthmark Foundation at the November 2007 Annual VBF Conference held in Newport Beach, California.
The Self-esteem pendant (pictured below) is one of the Anne Dale Jeweler for a Cause designs that raises money and
awareness for non-profit worthy causes.

The Vascular Birthmark Foundation (based in New York) organization networks families affected by birthmarks, vascular tumors, and syndromes to the appropriate medical professionals and programs that promote the acceptance of people living with birthmarks. Anne Dale Jeweler for a Cause is growing and pieces are being added to the collection constantly. Anne has over a half dozen designs in the works and is currently working with several other non-profit groups both on a state and national level partnering with these groups to raise money and awareness.

The “I Believe” self-esteem pendant simply put:
“You are beautiful just the way you are.” Every young lady should have this pendant around her neck a little message that says, “I am loved”. Today’s pop culture and mass media promote a narrow view of beauty, defining beauty in a distorted, sexual stereo-type manner. Expectations put on children, in particular teenage girls are unrealistic and unhealthy, often resulting in low self-esteem and depression as these girls are developing their self-image. This original design is part of the Anne Dale Jeweler for a Cause Campaign.
A portion of the proceeds will go to non-profit groups helping children with self-esteem issues such as the Vascular Birthmark Foundation.“I Believe” the self-esteem pendant is Made in the U.S.A. and available nationwide.

Jeweler for a Cause
Anne Dale jewelry designer from New Orleans finds inspiration in worthy causes. Shortly after Hurricane Katrina devastated her hometown, she designed a pin she calls the “I Know What It Means to Love New Orleans Badge”. Her simple idea was to create a gift for first responders in appreciation for their heroic efforts. Anne’s noble idea created a storm in itself making her design the symbol of the city’s recovery and a badge of courage for everyone that endured the aftermath of Katrina. Anne’s New Orleans Collection jewelry designs have raised over $175,000.00 in hurricane relieve money.

The Anne Dale Jeweler for a Cause Fund has been established, in this fund goes a portion of the proceeds from sales. Anne Dale’s goal is to raise money, awareness and the spirits for non-profit groups throughout the United States and aboard.

Spring of 2008 Anne Dale will launch:

Source – Vascular Birthmark Foundation

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