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Anne Dale – Leading Women in Business

 Leading Women in Business





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A Louisiana jeweler gemologist with over twenty-three years experience as a jewelry wholesaler and educator. As former director of Gem-A USA (the U.S. arm of the Gemological Assn of Great Britain) Anne travel the world helping set up educational course on the study of gemstones. Anne Dale opened her retail jewelry store on the North-shore of New Orleans in May of 1999.

Anne, a resident on the North-Shore was shocked by the devastation of New Orleans and by the “losses suffered by so many” during Hurricane Katrina. Anne personally faced the challenge of recovery and rebuilding after Katrina with no electric power, water or phone service for weeks but still felt blessed compared to many.

When power returned, Anne witnessed first responders and police officers that stayed in the city helping people to safety. She watched as they risked everything, even their own lives to help save others. Anne felt she had to do something to recognize the nobility, the strength and honesty of the first responders, while also trying to help rebuild the city she loved.

Anne created a piece of jewelry dedicated to the rebuilding of New Orleans. Anne created The “I Love New Orleans Badge”a silver badge that can be worn as a pin or as a pendant. Over 20,000 of the pins have been sold with a percent of the proceeds going into a relief fund.

Anne is also a member of St. Joseph’s Abbey and donates her time for their Penny’s for Bread Program and is also a member of The American Business Women’s Association.

Congratulations, Anne…and Thank You

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