Mandeville Jeweler Helps Victims

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Mandeville Jewelry Store

Mandeville Jeweler Helps After Storm

Today marks the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s devastating tour through New Orleans, and the city is still in a state of recovery.


Retailer Anne Dale of Anne-Dale Mandeville Jewelry store just across Lake Pontchartrain from the city of New Orleans, is one local who has taken an active role in aiding hurricane victims.

Mandeville Jeweler Helps Victims

To date, sales of her New Orleans jewelry from “The Anne Dale Collection,” specially created to support those affected by Hurricane Katrina, total more than $170,000.

The collection includes badges, pendants, rings and earrings that read “I Know What It Means to Love New Orleans,” “Pray for the Gulf Coast” and “Return to New Orleans.”

A portion of net proceeds from the sales of the collection has been donated to Catholic Charities, Light House for the Blind, Friends of the Frontline and Volunteers of America, as well as a number of churches and schools in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Prices for pieces of Mandeville Jewelry store Anne Dale Collection range from $29.95 for a sterling silver badge to $399.95 for a 14-karat gold badge.

To make a purchase of Mandeville Jewelry or to find out more about Anne-Dale Jeweler’s beneficiary charities, visit

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