Brown Pelicans an early symbol of self-sacrifice, today the pelican represents unwavering resilience in Louisiana. Both the state and the pelican have battled back from great adversity. A social bird, pelicans love to do everything together from nesting, flying, and even hunting. Self-sacrificing, resilient, social, and fun loving that is Louisiana!




Louisiana Oyster the Crassostrea virginica also known as the American oyster, Eastern oyster and Virginia oyster native to the east coast and the Gulf of Mexico yet amazingly Louisiana produces over 50% of this prized delicacy.

In 2011 the Louisiana State Legislature in association with the seafood industry made claim to this bayou treasure adopting a new Official Louisiana State Gemstone derived from the Louisiana oyster.

The Pelicans design with new state gemstone discovered by New Orleans jeweler Anne Dale marketed as LaPearlite®