Wedding Bands

He popped the question and ya’ll are enjoying the new butterflies that being engaged brings. Now it is time to find the perfect wedding band hat will beautifully accent your engagement ring. Wedding bands in the 2022 bridal season are making a statement.

The saying ‘less is more’ does not apply to this seasons wedding style. There has been a shift from dainty jewelry to chunky jewelry. Pairing an engagement ring that is studded in diamonds with a plain thick gold band is a unique way to add more personality. With bolder bands taking a rise, more couples are getting matching sets. They might include an accent stone, mixed metal combinations or an accent design that ties them together.

Stackable bands are still vogue but they are also moving towards a flashier style. For a more daring look add chunky stone-studded eternity bands to a bridal set or as a right hand ring set. For more depth, incorporate different shaped stones or mixed metal colors. Stackable bands make great mothers jewelry as well, each ring made with a birthstone. This years stackable bands are proving bigger is better.

For the vintage fashion lovers the style is coming back in wedding bands as well. Ring enhancers, also know as ring guards, are rising in popularity in the bridal jewelry world. These ring enhancers have a curved or pointed shape incorporating round, marquise, or baguette cut stones. These rings display an alluring vintage design that is sure to catch eyes.