Halo Engagement Ring

Halo Ring

What is a Halo Engagement Ring and Could It Be the Next Marquis Diamond?

With a distinguished and classic appearance, halo engagement rings might make your significant other feel like a famous celebrity.

Hollywood stars and members of the Royal Family gravitate towards this particular ring style because it looks breathtaking on the finger of their beautiful lady, while symbolizing old-world charm.

But many jewelry experts wonder whether this trend will precede along the same path as the marquis diamond, which became outdated after celebrities no longer fueled the fire.

About Halo Engagement Rings

Jewelry designers create the halo effect on an engagement ring through placing smaller diamonds or other gemstones around the center stone. This allows the center stone to sparkle brighter and catch more light.

Gemologists have found that not all diamond shapes work with the halo design, so they typically use the round cut, oval cut, princess cut, cushion cut, and radiant cut diamonds for this ring style.

Many future brides choose halo engagement rings for their versatile nature, since there isn’t just one way to interpret the look. A woman who values tradition may prefer to have a diamond as the center stone, whereas a more style-minded woman may put a colored gemstone in the middle.

Having smaller diamonds also increases the carat weight of the halo engagement ring, but it provides more bang for your buck than buying one with a larger single diamond.

Another popular aspect of halo engagement rings – and one not often pondered – is the fact that the pavé gemstones form a shield around the center stone, therefore protecting it from accidental damage.

More Than a Fashion Trend

Marquise diamond engagement rings were in their prime between the 1970s and the 1990s, when the popularity of disco music turned everyone’s fancies toward vivid and eccentric looks. Eventually, their ubiquitous presence in bridal jewelry made them into secondhand pieces which were passed from mother to daughter – and they faded from the stores. Jewelry designers have ventured the theory that halo engagement rings will do the same.

Given the long history of these settings, however, we would argue that they will maintain the same favor as the solitaire engagement ring. Here are some reasons why that might be.

Consider that a woman can never have too many diamonds for her taste, and buying a halo engagement ring guarantees plenty of them. Whether the diamond takes center stage or appears in the pavéd crown of the halo, her engagement ring will brighten the room for every side.

Plus, jewelers discovered that they could not do much with a marquis diamond and it wasn’t contemporary enough to last. The same isn’t true for halo engagement rings, because they can vary the precious metal used for the setting, the stones in the ring itself, and the cut of the diamond to add a modern twist.

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