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Imitation Worse Form of Flattery


Not Made in the USA

Imitation might be “… the sincerest form of flattery” but when a national retail chain started selling counterfeit  “I Love New Orleans” designs…

Anne Dale designs have copyrights and registered trademarks that are protected by the laws of the United States of America.  When Chinese manufacturers and unethical domestic companies began importing illegal counterfeit jewelry items Dale’s legal team enacted their zero tolerance policy.

Buyer Beware
Anne Dale jewelry designs are always crafted in gold, silver, or platinum, never with inferior metals such as nickel that could cause “jewelry dermatitis”.

Nickel dermatitis is an allergic reaction to nickel, the most common form of contact dermatitis in the United States, with nearly 9 million cases of contact dermatitis reported annually, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, Washington, D.C..

Made in USA

Anne Dale is proactive about items “Made in the USA” and “Buy American” it has a positive influence on American business, employment, cash flow, taxes and our national identity.

Even better Made in Louisiana.

The closer to home we can keep our money the better off our families, neighbors, schools and communities will be.

Anne Dale’s New Orleans designs are inscribed Made in Louisiana or Made in USA on the back.  If you do not see this inscription assume it is an illegal counterfeit item probably made in China (and the metal may be harmful to your health) .

American Pin Jewelry Designer Anne Dale

American Patriot

How Can You Help?
Be on the lookout…  Anne Dale does not offer her designs for sale from festival vendors, boutiques, internet auctions, flea markets, or home parties.

To report counterfeits call (985)626-4288 or email [email protected]
Please make note of the:
* location, name, and address
* styles and quantities being sold
* does the items have Anne Dale’s signature on back and/or logo trademark

What Anne Dale Does
Anne Dale vigorously pursues counterfeiters whether individuals, stores, websites, wholesale vendors, and flea markets that sell counterfeit Anne Dale designs.

Working with local, state and federal authorities to stop counterfeit goods from being sold throughout every step of the illegal supply chain.

Thank you for your help.

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