September Sapphires

Large Sapphires Dangle Diamond Earrings

As the late summer weather and green leaves roll in,, we welcome the lusty sapphire as Septembers’ birthstone. The beautiful blue gemstone is a form of the mineral corundum; which is a distinctly hard aluminum oxide. Sapphires color spans from Pale Blue to a deep indigo color. The most sought after shade is the medium deep cornflower sapphire. Titanium and iron are the elements that are the origin of the sapphires famous blue hue. Although the sapphire is widely known for its brilliant blue color, they can be found in many contrasting shades. These sapphires are known as Fancy Sapphires. Due to impurities within the gemstone they inherit different colors. These can be found in gray, yellow, pale pink, orange, green, violet, and brown shades.

Sapphires are also known to be the gem of the greek god of prophesy, Apollo. The stone was dubbed the “Celestial Stone”. Beginning as far back as the 7th century B.C., greek worshipers visited the shrine of Apollo wearing sapphires for wisdom while seeking answers from the Oracle. Sapphires were valued throughout the globe. The Hindus believed sapphires were “great gems” to be used in offerings in their temples during worship. They also used sapphires to align astrological influences. Buddhists trusted that sapphires had the power to bring devotion and spiritual insight. In Christianity, Medieval kings wore rings and brooches decorated in sapphires to protect themselves from harm and provide insight. Warriors gave their new wives sapphires as a token to remain faithful. It was believed that if the stone darkened in color the wearer was un worthy. The 13th century French believed one would be granted wisdom and good temper if the gemstones were worn.

Sapphires are still a stone of wisdom today. It is a royal stone for learning and can seek spiritual truth. Structure and healing are given from the blue color of the gemstone. Sapphires lend strength and gives the power to view beneath the surface to reveal hiding truths. Sapphires are brilliant, and empowering gemstones. To have its power unlocked one must believe in the stone. So come down to Anne Dale Jewelers to visit our breathtaking collection of sapphire pieces and discover if you can sense the beauty and enchanting powers of our sapphires.