Topaz and Citrine November

Sky Blue Cushion Shape with Halo of Diamonds

This time of the year calls for pumpkin spice and everything nice. So, as the leaves fall, it is time for the November babies to pull out their topaz and citrine gemstones.
The name Topaz came from St. John’s Island in the Red Sea, Tapazios. The name is from greek terminology. Pure topaz is colorless but impurities within the gemstones cause topaz to inherit all colors from the rainbow. Precious topaz can have colors ranging from brownish orange to vibrant yellow. The most sought after color is a vibrant orange with pink undertones. This topaz is called Imperial Topaz.
Imperial Topaz was discovered in the Russian Ural Mountains in the 19th century. The name was given to honor the Russian Czar, and he ordered that only royalty may own the gemstone. Topaz was believed to have special powers by many different cultures. During the Renaissance era, it was believed that topaz could break spells and calm anger. The Hindus believed topaz to be a sacred gemstone, and the pendants could bring longevity and wisdom to life. In African culture topaz is a sacred gemstone, and shamans used the powers of topaz in healing rituals.
Citrine is the second birthstone for the month of November. Citrine has hues that range from pale yellow to honey orange. The name citrine is derived from the French word for lemon, citron. The name was inspired by the lemony color of the gemstone. Citrine gets the yellow hue from iron within the gemstone. The largest citrine supplier today is Brazil.
Citrine is a popular gemstone used in jewelry. During the Victorian era citrine was often found in Scottish jewelry. In ancient times, citrine was believed to calm tempers and soothe the wearer. Egyptians used citrine as talismans and the Roman priests wore citrine in rings with amethyst. The ancient Greeks carved the gemstone into crystal ornaments with images in them.
Topaz and citrine are very similar in structure and color. They were both highly praised in ancient times for many spiritual reasons. The powers of topaz and citrine were sought after by many cultures for their powers. So come on in to Anne Dale Jewelers to experience November’s birthstones and the magical healing and soothing powers they possess.